We no longer offer personal loans but we could still be able to help...

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Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Services department on 0333 200 0030* or send us an email at customerservices@motonovofinance.com

You can also write to us at:

MotoNovo Finance
One Central Square
CF10 1FS

*Calls will cost no more than a UK national rate call to 01 or 02 telephone numbers. Calls may be recorded and monitored for training and quality purposes.

Can I change my mind and cancel?

You can cancel your agreement should you wish within 14 days. To do this call us on 0333 200 0030*. Any money paid to you for your loan, will need be paid back to us in full.

*Calls to this number are the same price to call as if you were calling an 01 or 02 landline - including from mobiles.

Will the APR change during my loan?

No, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is fixed for the term of your loan, so that you can budget accurately for your monthly repayments.

Are online signatures secure and legally binding?

Electronically signed agreements are secure and help with time delays or possible problems having the agreements lost in the post.

When you click to accept the terms and conditions of your loan please remember that you are making exactly the same legal commitment as if you had physically signed a printed document.

The Electronic Communications Act 2000 states that electronic signatures are admissible in court as evidence in the event of the authenticity of an electronic signature being questioned.

How will my loan be paid back?

When you enter into a personal loan agreement with us we will set up a Direct Debit to take your monthly repayments. These repayments will show on your bank statement as MotoNovo Finance. If you would like to make any changes to your Direct Debit (payment dates, bank account details, etc), or would like to make any additional payments please call us on 0333 200 0030*

If your repayments are not made on time you will be charged a fee:

  • Late payment fee £25
  • Unpaid Direct Debit fee £12
  • Returned debit card payment or cheque £12.

Be aware that missing repayments or paying less than the agreed monthly payment amount could make it more difficult for you to arrange credit in the future.

If you miss a number of repayments a default record will be launched on your file at credit reference agencies and you may also face legal proceedings.

*Calls to this number are the same price to call as if you were calling an 01 or 02 landline - including from mobiles.

What should I do if I cannot afford repayments?

In the event that you have a loan with us and are concerned about your ability to continue making your agreed repayments please contact us as soon as possible.

We have teams of trained advisors who can help and support you.

Please call us on 0333 200 0030*

*Calls to this number are the same price to call as if you were calling an 01 or 02 landline - including from mobiles.

What is a credit search?

Whenever somebody applies for credit (any form of borrowing) the lender will carry out a credit search.

This means that they will request information about you from the UK credit reference agencies - of which there are three main organisations in the UK (Call Credit, Equifax and Experian).
These credit reference agencies keep records about most of the adults resident in the UK. The kind of information they hold includes; the names of who is registered to vote at which address, existing financial commitments they have with banks and finance companies, how much is owed on each facility and whether it has been maintained correctly or if any payments have been missed or County Court Judgments incurred.

The information held by credit reference agencies therefore helps lenders to make their decisions about lending to people based on factual records.

However, should your personal circumstances have improved, the interest rate may be decreased and/or the amount we are prepared to lend to you could increase.

How can I improve my credit agency search results?

Firstly you should ensure that you keep up-to-date with all repayments on any loan products you have. If you miss regular payments on mobile phone, utility, loan, mortgage or credit card arrangements this may be registered with the credit reference agencies and adversely impact the chance of you being given credit.

Ensuring that you have set up Direct Debits for all your regular commitments will help to ensure that the credit bureaux will not receive bad information about you if you have missed a payment for any reason.

You should also ensure that you are registered on the electoral roll at your current address because lenders use this data to confirm that you are who you say you are and that you live at the address you have given them on the application form.

It can also be a good idea to check that the information held by credit reference agencies is accurate.

If you believe that information they are storing about you is incorrect then you should contact them about this.

For example if your report shows that you have shared financial responsibilities with another person (for example an ex-partner or spouse), you can ask for these to be removed. The credit reference agency concerned should be able to help you to make this happen.

Whenever you apply for credit and a credit agency search is obtained, a record of that search is held on your credit file for a year.

Several search records in a short time period could result in your applications for credit being rejected (because each lender may feel that you are applying for too much credit).

How do I see my credit agency report?

You have rights under the Consumer Credit Act 1984 to see a copy of the information credit reference agencies hold about you. The cost of this service is restricted by law to £2.

The report you will receive will show information held at the time the report was created including things such as:

  • your full name;
  • your current address and any previous addresses;
  • County Court Judgments (CCJ’s) awarded against you;
  • a list of your current financial products;
  • the amount you currently owe to UK lenders;
  • records of any missed/late payments on credit/loan agreements;
  • the number of any credit agency searches made in the last two years.

To see a copy of your credit report you should contact a credit reference agency directly:

Consumer Services Team
PO Box 491
0330 024 7574

Customer Support Centre
PO Box 8000
NG80 7WF
0344 481 0800 or 0800 013 88 88

Equifax Ltd
Customer Service Centre
PO Box 10036
0845 603 3000 or
0843 455 0136

Can I pay off my loan early?

If you wish to settle your loan account early call us on 0333 200 0030*

Alternatively you can write to us at:

MotoNovo Finance,
One Central Square,
CF10 1FS

We will let you know:

  • How much you need to pay (Settlement balance);
  • How much interest you will save by settling early;
  • When you need to pay us by (Settlement date).

There are no additional charges for an early settlement but your settlement balance may include up to 58 days interest according to the Consumer Credit (early settlement) Regulations 2004.

If you do not think that you're going to be able to pay the full amount by the settlement date given just let us know and we will provide you with a new settlement balance.

Please ensure you still make your monthly payments until your loan is fully repaid.

If you should overpay we will send you a prompt refund.

*Calls to this number are the same price to call as if you were calling an 01 or 02 landline - including from mobiles.