It’s amazing what you can do with a MotoNovo personal loan

From kitchens to holidays we've got it covered, an unsecured personal loan from MotoNovo could get your ideas off the ground.

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Loans at competitive rates with a smooth application process

With MotoNovo, you can apply for an instant personal loan of up to £12,000 at competitive rates to spend any way you want.

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Funds at your fingertips

Plus, if you successfully apply for a loan before 4pm on any working day, you could have the money you need the very same day, giving you an immediate green light to go ahead.

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Keeping you in control of your finances

The rate is fixed for the loan term, so you're in control. Just use our personal loan calculator to find the ideal term and monthly repayments for you, setting them at the level you know you can comfortably afford.

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A secure environment

We take the issue of security with our loans very seriously, with all applications handled across one of the most secure technological solutions.

Our loans are designed to provide funds in a timely and flexible manner, allowing you to find the best option for your personal financial situation.